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For most of my life I neglected my health and personal wellness. I ate food that was not good for me, I didn’t take care of my mental wellness, and as a consequence I suffered from chronic illnesses and mysterious unpleasant symptoms. It was clear I was a yo-yo dieter that would binge eat my feelings and look for the nearest quick fix that wouldn’t require me to actually make a lasting change. I wanted to be healthier and eat better, but had no idea how to make that happen.

More specifically- I felt like I didn’t have the time, energy or cooking skills to make it happen.

Realistic Simple Lifestyle changes
Me right after baby #2 at around 190 lbs (December 2014)


After my second baby I made the plunge to stop dieting, and get myself really, truly healthy. I achieved this by clean eating, and walking with the stroller. This laid the foundation for me to get my mind right. During this process I lost 70 lbs and felt better than I had since I was a little kid!

Crazy stupid happy in August 2015 at 135 lbs

Then I failed…

After my maternity leave ended and I went back to work after my second child I gained a lot of weight back. I had a high stress job in the social work industry and juggling work with parenting a tween AND a baby did not put me in a healthy place.

Then I got pregnant with my third and gained a LOT of weight again. I had fallen completely off the wagon and was dealing with health complications and some other unpleasant issues that threw my health for a loop.

To make matters worse, after my third was born I suffered from postpartum depression. I remembered that the last time I felt amazing was when I was living a far healthier lifestyle. I buckled down and set to it again- but this time I didn’t count calories. I just committed to limiting processed foods, sugar an animal products. I had developed the skills last time to be set up for success this time around because I quit chasing ridiculous diets and started focusing on eating REAL food.

Realistic Simple Lifestyle changeswww.bigtinysteps.com
198lbs to 147lbs and counting!

What I learned from my success and failure

It was during this process that I learned you don’t need any extra money, spare time (that exists?!) or cooking skills to start eating healthy. I want to share the approaches that helped turn me from hot mess mom covered in pizza sauce to hot mess mom covered in avocado toast crumbs!

My Intention to Help Others

If you have ever felt like you need to get healthier, but there’s so much information (and MISinformation) out there that you didn’t know where to begin then I have been where you are.

If you have ever looked up ideas about healthy living on Pinterest or on Google but felt like there is no way that eating like that or buying that food would be reasonable or cost effective, then I have been where you are.

If you have ever looked up health tips from fitness coaches or Instagram models, but found yourself having trouble relating because your bills are due, your kids are making a mess and by the time it comes to making dinner you just can’t, then I have been where you are!


If you are in this boat, and find health information as confusing and overwhelming as I did then we have got to become friends! My intention is to show people who think that eating clean will be too hard, too time consuming or too expensive just how easy it can be!

Health and wellness should be easy, affordable and accessible to all of us with wild and hectic lifestyles!

Start Here- See more about the Big Tiny Steps Approach

Green Living

Somewhere along the way I also became a born-again hippy. OOPS! We started to notice how the mundane day to day was sucking our souls and we desperately felt like we needed a change. This led us to develop an interest in aquaponics, urban gardening, green living and all things self-sufficient and sustainable! We want to grow our own food and run away to start a little homestead where we can break away from the grocery store and live a simpler life.

I firmly believe that a connection to nature is an essential component of health in the modern world.

I now have 3 kids and am on the path once more to becoming my best healthiest self. I want to share with you how easy it is to eat clean, while also trying to live a “greener” lifestyle. If you are hopeless with recipes like me, I want to show you that by doing a little prepping and planning, as well as stocking yourself a “Just the Basics” pantry, you will have everything you need to maintain a simple fuss-free lifestyle change. You can easily eat healthy while reducing food waste and saving money.

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Eating healthy should be easy, cost effective, and never intimidating!

The Big Tiny Steps Intention

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If you are looking for a community of people who would like to take control of their health through eating right, self care, reconnecting with nature, and living a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, then join our Eating Clean and Living Green Facebook Group.

There are no quick fixes for health, only positive lifestyle changes that are easy, totally do-able and taste DELISH!

If you have any questions, requests for posts, or want to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact Mandi at mandi@bigtinysteps.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Together, we’ve got this!

Questions, concerns or comments? Please feel free to Reach Out!

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